Mentors & future leaders

A mentoring & reverse mentoring program connecting female senior leaders and younger professionals.

Mentors & Future Leaders, the WFC initiative to nurture and empower young female African business leaders was born in 2017 in Dakar, under the name “les Heroïnes”. In 2019, it was rebranded as Mentors & Future Leaders, to herald the rewarding relationships between Africa’s future leaders, and female mentors who have overcome great personal obstacles in becoming some of the most inspirational leaders in business today.

The relationship goes both ways. Future leaders receive the rare opportunity to fulfil their potential. And mentors can enrich their own leadership skills and receive the personal satisfaction of demonstrating how to lead with integrity, humility, strength and maturity, in order to serve an aim greater than profits and bottom line. 

That is the WFC mandate: to accelerate business women leadership and gender equality for all women in the workplace today. 

Mentors and Future Leaders, an impactful change through membership to an eco-system of community and sisterhood.


A program designed for local impact

In our mission to accelerate gender equality, Mentors & Future Leaders takes place at the grassroots level, in local towns and cities all over the continent through inspiring local events, with the view to empowering her brightest future leaders.

By extending our reach, WFC’s sisterhood of mentors can do the work of nurturing the next generation of leaders at a very granular level for targeted impact.


A transformative mentoring journey

Mentors and Future Leaders, takes a holistic, multi-dimensional approach to leadership. Mentors and mentees both set up commonly agreed objectives based on measurable goals and key milestones. Coaching sessions are held on a monthly basis including a progress assessment phase. Feedback is provided on an ongoing basis and complemented by training modules from a certified trainer. A focus on nurturing self-growth, inner-confidence, and the psychological well-being needed to thrive in today’s ultra-competitive, male-dominated business world.

Our Mentors. Our future leaders

The Mentors & Future Leaders program is designed to create the elite eco-system, mindsets and conditions needed to urgently transfer the skills and knowledge needed by future female leaders. They are the individuals with the potential to make gender equality in African business a reality.

Our mentors are bold, optimistic, constructive, self-developing, innovative, inspiring, high-achievers, ethical, proudly female and proudly African. They are committed to enriching the skills and self-belief of future leaders which is the most fertile ground to affect real change.

Our future leaders seek change and growth. They seek access to WFC’s unrivalled bank of knowledge. And entry to the elite WFC eco-system connecting them to the most dynamic women leaders doing business in Africa today. They are high-performers, determined, self-driven, imaginative. They see themselves as change-makers. They are concerned with advancing their personal success, but also with how they can contribute positively to the success of gender equality in Africa.

Mentors & future leaders interrogates and confronts the status quo. Our programme accelerates the process of personal transformation  by igniting the courage, the inner-strength waiting in the hearts of every participant.

  • A set of tools and actions, hard-won through the experience of seasoned businesswomen at the top of their game in Africa.
  • Actionable networking and unrivalled eco-system
    connecting Africa’s brightest young minds with    each other and to seasoned business leaders, thriving as women in the elite echelons  of African business.
  • Cutting-edge workshops,  panels, talks, lectures & inspiration.

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